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 Donor Packages

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PostSubject: Donor Packages    Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:06 am

Please read the following page for all donation information:
Each rank gets all commands from the ranks before it.

  • [Iron] Rank. $10 USD

Access to /fly
Access to Silk Spawner (Break and spawner and collect it with Silk Touch)
5 Sethomes
Access to /ptime (Changes time in game for you personally)
/workbench (Opens a workbench anywhere)
/enderchest (Opens an enderchest anywhere)
/kit iron (Access to the custom donor kit "Iron" once per week)
Able to create 30 shops instead of 20.
Access to custom donor only dungeons.
/dailyreward:claim will reward 2 daily keys instead of 1.

  • [Gold] Rank. $20 USD

Access to /god (Not for use in PVP)
Access to /kit gold
10 sethomes
Access to /hat (Use almost any item as a hat)
Access to /feed (Not for use in PVP)
Access to /spawner (Cow, Chicken, Sheep, and Pig)
Access to /heal (Not for use in PVP)
Able to create 40 shops instead of 20.
Access to donor only dungeons.
Access to /setwarp command for a fee of $100. (No inappropriate warps or warps to instant death are allowed.)

  • [Diamond] Rank. $35 USD

Infinite Sethomes
Access to /spawner (Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Pig, Skeleton, Zombie, Spider, and Creeper.)
Access to /gmc (Puts you in the creative game mode.)
Access to /time set day/night
Access to /weather clear/storm

  • Crate Keys:

Galactic Crate Keys: $1 for 1 or 4 for $3.
Crazy Crate Keys: $2 for 1 or 3 for $5.

Command Restrictions, please read here before making a donation!
This is a survival server, therefore, there are certain rules in place for certain commands. These are rules you agree upon before making your donation. Failure to follow these donation rules can, and will result in a loss of rank.

Silk Spawners:
Any Spawner collected with silk spawners is not to be sold, or given to other players. Items from these spawners are allowed to be given/sold to other players as long as the spawner type wasn't changed with /spawner.
Do not use flight in PVP. Flight to help others build is allowed as long as it's not in game mode creative.
God Mode, Feed, and Heal:
Not for use in PVP.
/spawner command:
Any spawner changed with the /spawner command becomes a personal spawner. This means you are not allowed to give it, or sell it to other players. You are also not able to sell or give the drops from the spawner to other players.
Setting Warps:
Do not set warps for other players unless it's to a shop. No setting warps with inappropriate names or warps that lead to death.
Time and Weather setting:
If you are the only player online, you may change time/weather as you please. If other players are online, ask in chat if anyone opposes. Wait about 10 - 15 seconds and if nobody opposes, change it.
Game Mode Creative:
No selling or giving any items from the game mode creative inventory to any other player. This includes experience bottles or their use, enchanted books/tools with enchants from gmc, and potion effects from the gmc inventory. Do not use Game mode creative to build for any other player, breaking is allowed if permitted by the owner. Do not use game mode creative to spawn mobs for other players. Spawners changed with eggs from game mode creative become personal spawners (see /spawner for more info on personal spawners) Any item obtained with the help of game mode creative is not allowed to be given/sold to other players. This includes anything traded from villagers using items from gmc, as well as materials collected using gmc created tools. Do not use Saved Toolbars to bring over any OP items such as command blocks or strange items in general that aren't part of the game mode creative inventory. The use of saved toolbars for custom player heads is allowed. Do not give/sell items scroll clicked while in game mode creative. Basically, no aspect of game mode creative is to be used for anyone but yourself. Be smart with this command. Don't try and play in "Grey" areas. If you're unsure about something, ask a staff before you do it.

To make a donation, send the amount via paypal to tyman4562002@yahoo.com. Add a note with your in game name, or mail me in game with your email/confirmation number.
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Donor Packages
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